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Student support


Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy whole-child approach


School Health Nurse

Our nurse provides health education in the classrooms and informs students and parents on how to recognize early signs of illness, developmental problems, and children who are not thriving. She also helps with individualized plans and cares for children who have identified health concerns.



Our counselors address students’ social and emotional issues such as behavior management, self-confidence, stress management, substance abuse, depression, suicide, and grieving process.

We work with students through observations and consulting, by making assessments and referral, and by planning their programs. Our counselors also offer support to teachers in identifying learning needs, making referrals and program planning.



Our tutoring program helps students with any individual task or group task related to the school curriculum. This supportive and welcoming community consists of students, teachers, and volunteer parents. Together, we create a warm learning environment for students who wish to receive a little help with schoolwork. All students are welcome to join.