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Weekend Activities to Enlighten Your Boredom

By Emily Carruthers

Everyone has those days where you feel like you have nothing to do, everyone is busy or maybe you have finished all your homework and tasks for the day. Whenever you feel this boredom it can be quite hard to think of things to do around your house or just by yourself to kill a couple of hours. There is that awkward period of time where you feel really bored, yet there isn’t enough time to be doing anything major such as going on a road trip. 

That’s why I’ve made a list of 45 different activities you can spend doing at the weekends when you are really bored and struggling to fritter away time. This list can be for activities you can do alone or with friends and family. 


  1. Go for a walk/run/hike
  2. Plan a picnic
  3. Watch the sunset/sunrise
  4. Go to your local national park or beach
  5. Expand your music: try listening to new artists, supporting small artists, different genres of music. 
  6. Listen to some podcasts: you can listen to this on a walk, just in your room etc.
  7. Have a bonfire or campfire in your back garden
  8. Have a movie marathon – some examples: Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games, Star Wars, Marvel, Toy Story, Shrek, The Matrix, Fast & Furious, Jurassic Park
  9. Go for a bike ride around your neighborhood
  10. Order some take-away
  11. Play some board games/video games
  12. Clean out your closet and possibly donate them to a thrift store
  13. Write down some new goals for yourself
  14. Read a book
  15. Clean your house or room
  16. Plant something in your garden: flowers, potatoes, tomatoes, peas etc.
  17. Sketch/paint something new
  18. Try meditation or yoga (check out some tutorials on youtube)
  19. Take a long bath/shower
  20. Start writing a novel/short story/poem
  21. Take a nap 
  22. Write or call someone you feel you have lost contact with and check up on how they are doing
  23. Try baking or cooking something new and delicious for someone or for yourself
  24. Have a deep conversation 
  25. Plan presents in advance for birthdays, holidays, special occasions etc.
  26. Go online shopping 
  27. Organize your phone/room/bookshelves
  28. Make a ‘101 Goals in 1,001 Days’ list 
  29. Teach yourself a new trick: juggling, knitting, origami etc.
  30. Go shopping and buy some tasty snacks
  31. Take some photos: sunsets, nature, objects etc. 
  32. Start a blog on something that interests you
  33. Learn the basics of a new subject
  34. Watch youtube videos: how-to, funny, gaming etc.
  35. Build a giant blanket fort
  36. Start a workout routine
  37. Try some healthcare products that you have around the house
  38. Start a bullet journal or diary
  39. Plan vacation trips: where to go, what to do etc.
  40. Play with your pet
  41. Research about things that you are curious like theories
  42. Try playing a new sport or activity
  43. Have a nice brunch
  44. Volunteer your time and help others
  45. Have a modern scavenger hunt/try the app geocaching on your phone