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Tips For Your Mental Health During Lockdown

By Hope Daniels

During the Coronavirus lockdown, things can be very stressful with figuring out financial problems and staying at home all the time. This has a big impact on your daily routines and your mental health and can make it hard to get out of bed in the mornings knowing that every day will most likely follow the same structure. Here are some tips and facts to help you get your mental health back on track.

When researching about the virus use reliable sources

All the rumors and speculations going around on the internet and social media about the virus just cause more anxiety and stress about it. So to prevent more stress then use websites such as WHO and the local news like BBC or the local Danish news.

Stay connected with friends and family

At times of stress, we work better with company and support. You can try and stay connected with relatives and close friends by using social media, email and your phone. For example, you can play online games and call or just texting helps too.

If you don’t have any people to talk to or don’t feel like doing any of those things you can always contact a helpline for emotional support.

Try to anticipate distress 

It’s ok to feel scared or variable but you have to acknowledge those feelings and it’s important to remind each other about physical and mental health. You also have to look out for habits that might not be good in the long term and try and get into a routine. Some things that help you stay focus are staying active, having a balanced diet and managing your stress levels.  

Try not to make assumptions 

Trying not to make assumptions about what’s happening is a good thing because it can help keep positivity and hope. You have to get all the bad ideas out of your head because they will just scare you and make you more stressed. It will then become harder to cope. It’s good to have a good idea in your head about what’s happening and remembering the restrictions and the general idea so you are aware.

Also, keep up to date with the news to hear the latest about the current regulations. In the meantime just give yourself time to relax and do fun things inside to keep yourself occupied.

Yes, quarantine can be hard and you may think that it is never going to be over but you should never lose hope, and we just have to believe in doctors and scientists to come up with a way to fix it all and while they are finding ways to help, just stick to the rules.

Think about everyone’s safety so when you go into public spaces, remember to wear a mask and sanitize your hands every once in a while. If you ever feel helpless or like you are going into a bad state of mind then talk to a friend or someone you can trust. You can also call a suicide hotline if it gets really bad.