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We help our students unfold their creativity and artistic potential


We teach your child processes that are used in creating music. We explore music through different mediums such as singing, songwriting and playing instruments. This allows students to find their calling in the rehearsal room and the theater. 

We teach music of various styles, cultures and times which gives us inspiration to compose our own works, to express our feelings, our experiences or our imaginations. 

Composition takes children through the artistic process, from idea to post-performance. Our music students plan and organize, create and refine, practice and perform. 



We explore different ways to convey meaning, opinion and ideas through performance. Our goal is to develop students’ imaginative skills and teach them what goes into great performance. Collaboration is an important element of drama which is why we emphasize sharing, negotiating and collaborating in large and small groups. 

We are a proud member of the International Schools Theatre Association which produces numerous theatre events every year. Through the association, we normally attend four drama festivals each year and get to witness prominent drama productions. 


Visual art

Our students learn how to create art projects in multiple genres as well as the historical and theoretical aspects of art.  Our teachers are experts in the field and show guide students to explore different art forms and how renowned artists create works of art work.