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After school


Our many after school activities allow your child to explore a broad array of activities in a safe environment with friends from school. 

We are proud to have so many students who want to explore activities outside the classroom. We offer numerous after school activities to students who wish to continue exploring what they already have experience with or take up an entirely new hobby. 

The following activities are just a few of the many that we host

  • yoga and dance
  • ceramics 
  • ballet dance 
  • parkour
  • private music lessons

Once your child is enrolled, you will get access to our intranet where you and your child can view all our current activities and sign up.

Plenty to choose from: Build on an existing hobby or try out something new
Nice and easy: Most of our activities take place at school.
Job-friendly: Our After School Care is open for kids from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 2 daily until 17