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Thrift Stores in Denmark

By Emily Carruthers  

Thrifting is becoming more and more popular to do. You may have heard ‘thrifting’ or someone ‘going thrifting’ and simply put, it means to go shopping at thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales where you will find used items being sold at a discounted price. The used items are usually items that are still in good condition and have been loved by previous owners, which are given away and sold at thrift stores etc. The main reason thrifting is so popular right now is that it is a really sustainable way to buy clothes and other items. Thrifting is a simple and fun way to go green. Producing, manufacturing and distributing new clothes takes a lot of energy and water, which affects the environment very badly. 

By choosing to buy secondhand clothes it follows the important motto of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ and help the environment. Thrifting is also a way to reduce the amount of money you are spending, and have a fun time ‘treasure hunting’ for unique and vintage items with family and friends. Along with helping the environment, you are also supporting the community. Instead of buying from big retail chains, where the profit goes to the stakeholders, many thrift stores exist to serve others by selling the items and giving the money to the people such as the red cross. 


Here are some thrift stores in Copenhagen worthy of a visit:



Address: Nørrebrogade 5, 2200 København

The shop is very trendy and sells a variety of things. Some of the things can be quite expensive as it is very vintage and good quality. You can buy tank tops, jeans, hoodies, jackets, shoes, accessories and a lot of other things.

Rating: 4.3



Address: Gemmeren Fælledvej 9 2200 København N

Gemmeren is a second-hand vintage shop that sells all kinds of clothing items. The items are mostly for young adolescents with unique designs and brands which are both high quality and have a variety of price ranges.

Rating: 4.4


Red Cross Op Shop

Address: Fælledvej 4, 2200 København

The Red Cross Op Shop is a charity thrift shop. This means they give to the people while selling cool second-hand items. This Red Cross is one of the many you can find but this particular one sells antiques, home decorations, glasses, cutlery and more. 

Rating: 4.1


København K 

Address: Studiestræde 32b, 1455 København K

This shop is one of the oldest second-hand shops in Copenhagen. The shop sells different things such as leather shoes, home decorations, jackets, denim jeans etc.

Ratings: 4.2


Danmission Op Shop

Address: Rosengården 5, 1174 København

The Danmission Op Shop is very popular and is one of the best-rated shops in Copenhagen. The shops sell items such as glass, shoes, fun vintage antiques, small decorations and more. It is a really good place to shop for some cool and interesting decorative things for your house for a good price to pay.

Rating: 4.9


Hjerte Genbrug

Address: Nørrebrogade 116, 2200 København

The Hjerte Genbrug shops sell a variety of products and items such as unique clothing, play toys for children, antiques for the house, small decorations, and other exquisite secondhand accessories.

Rating: 3.5