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The Latest News in Fashion

By Amber Weniger, GRADE 9

As Bill Cunningham once said, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life”. This month we will look at the Top 5 trends worn in winter and Top 8 predictions for trends that may be awaiting us in 2021.


Top 5 Winter Styles



Boots are the number 1 key of winter. A lot of people nowadays, and even longer before, wore boots. Winter boots are cosy inside and still look stylish. Style your boot with any pants that are tuck in as in the picture.


Oversized Hoodies

Hoodies are also worn now by a lot of teens, especially as Coronavirus hit us and we are all quarantined inside. Hoodies are also a good choice to wear now in winter as they are cozy to keep us warm and can have logos on as well. 


Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are such an item of classic clothing that has been on trend from the beginning and will never go old. Leather jackets can be worn by anyone. Style your jackets with some tight, mainly black pants.


Sweater Vests

Sweater vests became trending throughout fall and winter. They are elegant as well as comfortable to wear on top of a shirt. Style mostly with a white shirt under and tuck the sweater a little into your pants.


Patched clothes

Patched clothes came back to trends from the 90s. It’s “fun and fash”. You can embroider patches on any of your clothes, to create your unique piece of clothing. People mostly patch their jeans or jackets. Diy (do it yourself) just now and hop on the trend.


8 predictions awaiting us in 2021


Want to know what 2021 will bring us now? What new fashion trends are awaiting us? Today we will look at 10 fashion trends that are predicted to be trending this year.

  1. “Knitwear” A lot of people have been suspecting that knitwear will be back again in 2021. It may come back the earliest as it is the most popular in low-temperature seasons. It is said the most popular colour of it will be beige and soft light pink.
  2. “Pastel colours” A lot of fashion sites, as well as some people, predict pastel colours will be a nice light trend for the spring season. Pastel colours make you feel calmer as you have it on. Also, Pastel colours trend is a celebration of femininity and an acknowledgement of bolder and more graphic tones.
  3. “Bags” There have been a lot of rumours about bags and handbags becoming a key accessory to our fashion. It’s speculated that the bags will be a bright yellow colour to draw attention. You will be able to see them sooner or later in designer shops such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton.
  4. “Scarf Styling” Another accessory that is already starting is scarfs. Some teens already use scarves as girls style them in the hair and boys have them styled around the neck. 
  5. “Checkered clothes” Checkered clothing is another trend that may come around in 2021. You may know that checkered clothes were also worn in the 1990s or if you have ever seen the movie  Clueless. Well, it is predicted that this trend will continue again in 2021.
  6. “Chunky Flats”  Chunky Flats another shoe trend that may be coming back from the 1980s. Comfortable and fashionable shoes for all. In 2021 it’s suggested to add some longer-length socks to make them feel fresh and nail the preppy.
  7. “Sustainable clothing” This became a new hit and it’s hoped it will grow bigger in the future. Sustainable clothes are starting to be made and sold slowly everywhere. Hop on and be more sustainable. You can buy already in some shops such as Levi’s.
  8. “Facemasks” As we all know Covid 19 hit us and we are all in a pandemic. We need to wear facemasks which have become a huge part of our fashion accessory. It’s now trending and looks like it will still in the nearby future. People started making DIY masks and started decorating them or even YouTuber added facemasks to their merch collections.