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Student support

Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy whole-child approach

We need a text here that appeals to parents with children who have challenges that are NOT learning difficulties (e.g. dwarfism)

I DO NOT want you to write a text for me, but I’d like you to gather ideas that answer the following questions:

  • WHAT do you offer? (“Coffee”)
  • WHY is that great? How does that help? (“It helps you when you’re tired, cold and thirsty. And it tastes great”)
  • WHY/HOW do we do it better than our competitors (“Our coffee is fairtrade, organic and dark roast. So you can enjoy without having a bad conscience”)

What we do

School Health Nurse

School Health Nurse

Our nurse provides health education in the classrooms and informs students and parents on how to recognize early signs of illness, developmental problems, and children who are not thriving. She also helps with individualized plans and cares for children who have identified health concerns.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

We offer one-on-one occupational therapy sessions for an extra charge for our students who need support with

  • developing social sensitivity necessary to forming and sustaining social interaction and relationships with peers
  • handwriting/fine motor skills or visual-perception skills so the child can complete written assignments
  • organizing in the environment to maximize classroom participation and educational experiences

We work with teachers to adapt learning materials to facilitate successful participation. We address sensory issues by finding strategies to keep the child’s arousal level functional during school and/or making changes to the classroom environment to allow for sensory needs of the child.



Our counselors address students’ social and emotional issues such as behavior management, self-confidence, stress management, substance abuse, depression, suicide, and grieving process.

We work with students through observations and consulting, by making assessments and referral, and by planning their programs. Our counselors also offer support to teachers in identifying learning needs, making referrals and program planning.

??? Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy

We provide one-to-one speech therapy at an extra charge for those of our students who may have communication disorders. Our sessions revolve around speech and language assessment as well as classroom- and home-based intervention and activities.

??? Tutoring


Our tutoring program helps students with any individual task or group task related to the school curriculum. This supportive and welcoming community consists of students, teachers, and volunteer parents. Together, we create a warm learning environment for students who wish to receive a little help with schoolwork. All students are welcome to join.

Our school offers more learning support than any other international school in Denmark.
We help our students gain the skills they need to access the mainstream curriculum
World-class: We recruit expert and experienced support teachers from all over the world.