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By Sophie Rasmussen

During the month of February, a very exciting sports event took place in Tampa, Florida which was the Super Bowl of 2021. Though it may have been the least attended Super Bowl in history, with 25,000 fans filling the audience due to the restrictions, it was still a very energetic and entertaining event. This year, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers went head to head, with the Buccaneers winning 31-9 in the final. This was a victorious day for their supporters, who must have particularly enjoyed the annual championship game of the NFL this time around. 

In other fields of sport, it is thrilling news to baseball fans that the Major League Baseball season is starting on April 1st and all 15 teams will be participating on the MLB opening day, and currently, they are hard at work doing spring training to prepare.

Last month (February 6th) the famous rugby tournament of the Six Nations Championship began which will last till March 20, so it is currently underway. At this current stage in time (during week 4 of 5) Wales won over Italy 48-7, England won over France 23-20 and currently, Scotland is playing Ireland today on March 14. Next week Scotland are due to play Italy, Ireland will play England and France and Wales will go head to head. These will be some intense matches to look forward to for many rugby fans rooting for their countries’ teams.

In the tennis world, many fans were happy to see the 2021 Australian Open that took place from Feb 8 to Feb 21. The results were as follows; in the Men’s singles finals Djokovic pulled a victory against Medvedev having won 87 points, and in Men’s doubles the duo of Polášek and Dodig won over Ram and Salisbury. In Women’s singles, Naomi Osaka won over the American Brady, with 6 aces, and in Women’s doubles, Mertens and Sabalenka defeated Siniaková and Krejčíková, without a single double fault. In terms of mixed doubles, Krejčíková and Ram were led to victory by their good skills and won 58 points.

Unfortunately, there have been some major sports events postponed due to the pandemic, such as the famous Olympics that were intended to be held in 2020 hosted in the wonderful Tokyo city, but due to the current situation have had to have been postponed to July of this year, but that gives many something to look forward to during these difficult times.

Hopefully, this gives you an overview of the current sports events going on and being held soon.

High School News February 2021