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What should I study for the scholarship exams?

There is nothing special you should be studying. Our exams have been set by the English and Maths Coordinators to reflect what is normally taught in schools at this age.

In English, you will be required to write a literary commentary on a piece of poetry or prose. You should take time to plan your answer carefully. You should make sure you use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. You should use literary terms where you can, and you should respond in a well-organised manner. Write as much as you can in the hour you are given. We are particularly looking for responses which are analytical, well-structured and grounded in the text. You may not use a dictionary.

In Maths, you will be allowed to use a calculator. You will be required to answer a range of questions on topics most students will have covered in their Maths classes up to Grade 10/Grade 11 level. You may also be set a number of mathematical puzzles which require some creative thinking.