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Amazing Technology Seen in Robots

By Sophie Rasmussen 

Digit by Agility Robotics – 2019

Digit is a helpful robot that has been created in order to help care for people in their homes, deliver packages to houses as well as provide aid in disasters. Digit is designed with very flexible limbs so it can therefore fold itself to be stored in smaller spaces and is able to easily carry objects such as packages. Its intelligence, and its sensors found in its torso, allow it to navigate its way around environments that are complex or contain obstacles.


Pepper by SoftBank Robotics – 2014

With its 3D cameras and built-in microphones, Pepper the social robot is able to comprehend human emotions and listen to requests. Its aesthetically pleasing design is also functional, and the humanoid looking device is able to fully rotate 360 degrees. Its features have made it so popular that around 2,000 different companies around the world have purchased and employed it. Its friendly nature and engaging appeal make it ideal in the business of retail, as it stimulates purchase and interest in the business. 


HRP-5p by AIST 

This advanced humanoid robot excels in working autonomously in areas of labour and engineering in dangerous conditions. This hard-working robot was invented to help in times of labour shortage in Japan due to the declining birth rate. Its environmental sensors make for it to have strong object recognition to avoid obstacles and execute its tasks. It is equipped with full-body motion control and planning which is important in jobs involving labour.


Aquanaut by Houston Mechatronics Inc (an organisation founded in 2014)

This self-sufficient robot can operate entirely without aid from supporting ships. Aquanaut has a multitude of features that allow it to transform from a streamlined submarine to a humanoid robot that is able to carry out intricate tasks underwater. The torchlight on its head allows for it to complete thorough inspections of underwater oil and gas infrastructure. It also retains the motion ability to operate valves as well as use man-made tools. 


Sophia by Hanson Robotics – 2016

One of the more well-known humanoid robots is Sophia, a social robot that can read and understand human facial expressions and listen and respond to being spoken to. She is the first robot citizen of a country in the whole world and has travelled to over 65 different countries. Not only this, but she has also spoken at the United Nations. Her intended purpose is to learn and gain insight into humans as well as educate them on how technology can improve their lives.