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The hidden secret to retaining international expats

(Hint: it’s not just about the job.)

Too many companies invest in attracting international talent but forget to help the family settling down in Denmark – often resulting in disgruntled employees and early resignations.

Is your company dependent on international hiring to fill critical positions within your staff? Then you need to offer more than a job to potential expats who will have to relocate to Denmark.

In general, Danish companies are great at integrating new foreign employees in the workplace with both human resources, bosses, and colleagues, helping them get an excellent start to their new work life.

But there’s a blind spot that too many companies miss. Because a lot of expats bring both spouses and children with them to Denmark, and often the spouse ends up with no network or social life if they don’t get a job as well. And their children find it challenging to integrate into the Danish school system. This is one of the most common reasons for expats leaving Denmark early – before your company starts getting real value from your investment.

Introduce your talents to a network of like-minded expats

Copenhagen International School specializes in welcoming and integrating international families in Denmark. Our school is so much more than an educational institution for the children; it’s a global community center where children and parents from more than 80 nationalities meet and find a common foundation for a life in Denmark.

As a founding member of the International Baccalaureate school system, we have more than 50 years of experience in helping international families settle in Copenhagen. We have identified a few common identifiers of expats finding a happy life in Denmark.

As many expat families relocate to Denmark because one of the parents received a job offer here, the spouse will take care of the home and small children. But in Denmark, most families have two working parents so that most children will be sent to daycare from one year of age.

This means that the spouses of expats often end up isolated in the house with nothing much to do while most of their potential social relations go to work.

And a lot of expat children find it challenging to integrate into the Danish school system as well. They often know that they are not going to stay here for life, and the local language is difficult to master. Thus, joining an ordinary Danish public school can be a risky decision as they are not geared to help often gifted children with parents who expect only the best education when most of the teaching is in Danish.

How we handle it differently at Copenhagen International School

At CIS, we know how to handle these situations. With a team of the best teachers from around the world, we make sure that the academic foundation is well above average. With English being the primary language (even though learning Danish is still high priority), children fit right in and can hit the school ground running.

We have a long track record of helping children get accepted to some of the best universities in the world – the International Baccalaureate school system is a stamp of approval.

But we are so much more than a school. We are also a community center for the parents who meet other expats in our facilities, which include a cozy cafeteria, a library, and a gym where you, amongst many other things, can attend yoga classes. This also makes it easier for parents to find suitable play dates for their children.

Get to know us so you can help your talents

Do you want to know more about how we help internation families settle in Copenhagen? Reach out to one of our admission officers who can arrange a tour on the school or talk directly to the family about their options.

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