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What is Nick’s Digital Camp about? “Creating something rather than just consuming.”

“The Scratch course is a game development course. Older students think Scratch is for much younger children, but in reality, Scratch can do some impressive things if you know how to use it. At the summer school, we have time to look at the process behind game development, so we can go from an idea to an actual game. From something that simply works to something that’s actually fun to play.”

Are the students going to have a product by the end of the Scratch course?
“We’ll be making multiple games. For the simpler games, we’ll probably do two each day.”

Sounds great. What about the second week?
“It’s a beginners’ programming course using the ozobots as a medium for learning, so it’s a different approach from my after-school course. I am hoping the ozobots will be a fun way to learn about programming. There’ll be several projects along the way for the students to explore and investigate.”

What would you like to achieve?
“I’d like the students to incorporate what they’ve learned into possible future projects. I want to give them an understanding and inspire them to create something that other people enjoy, so they’ll be encouraged to do more. Having a basic understanding is a big step towards actually creating something rather than just consuming.”