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Third sustainability tip from fourth-grader Neel Dalela

Every year, we waste 1.3 billion tonnes of food. Selina Juul was surprised when she saw supermarkets full of food and she saw a lot of food getting wasted. Then she started to take initiative in Copenhagen. One day, she walked into a Rema 1000 store and talked to the manager of the outlet. She asked them to try “Multi-Buy” offers. That manager reluctantly followed her idea. Soon, Rema 1000’s food wastage decreased drastically, from 100 bananas to 50 bananas per day. Selina was credited for decreasing food wastage in Denmark by 25%.

Most of the hungry people in the world are in nations with a food surplus, this means countries where food is wasted a lot, like India. One day a group of people brought food from home and shared it with children on the streets. Then they posted all the smiles on Instagram. Soon, these images had thousands, then millions and now billions of “likes” on Social Media.

More people started to join this group, then they got the name Robin Hood Army. The people who work for the Robin Hood Army accept no salary. They go to restaurants which make fresh food for them, and then they deliver the food by themselves. Now they are present all across the world.

Neel Dalela (4B) and Daniel D’Andrea (Sustainability Teacher)