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The real digital natives: First-grader joins our school online

Wesley joined us one week into the school shutdown and became the first member of our community to be taught completely online. We interviewed him and his mother to find out what it was like to start school like that.

What do you think about being at school on the computer?
“It is different but I really like the show and tell ,” Wesley finds. “That’s when the kids show something they like, for example a pet, and tell their classmates about it,” his mother Traci explains. “Of course he is used to attending school in person, but he really enjoys the interactive lessons and seeing his new classmates for the first time virtually. He was much more engaged after being able to see them.”

What did you enjoy most about the classes on the computer?
“I liked seeing my class for the first time,” Wesley agrees. “I also liked learning Danish and about Easter, math, PE and music lessons.” “The SeeSaw app was a great hit with Wesley,” Traci points out. “It was great that he was able to pick books that his teacher had suggested. I posted a video of him reading on the SeeSaw app, and they managed to assess his reading that way.”

And was Wesley excited about going to school when we opened?
“He actually screamed with joy when he was told he was returning to school,” Traci smiles. “It was really sweet. I think this is due in large to his positive experiences to date. Although our arrival to Copenhagen coincided with the public health crisis, we were very pleased by the constant communication and outreach that the school has provided to us. Both in terms of welcoming us, as well as keeping us informed. And we felt immediately connected to the community through the PTA and our buddy family, as well as through the administrators and teaching staff,” she adds. “All in all, it has been a very positive experience. The school is much more advanced in its use of technology for both academics and engagement with students and families than we have had at our son’s previous school.”

As much as we appreciate Traci’s comments about our online learning, we are thrilled to be back on campus and have Wesley and all his classmates with us in real life.