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First sustainability tip from fourth-grader Neel Dalela

We all want to stop Climate Change and have a cleaner world.  Thankfully, we do not have to wait until our governments do something; we can start taking action today. One of our fourth graders, Neel Dalela from 4B, wants to share this piece of advice with us.
Ways to Live More Sustainably  “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.  But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop,” exclaimed Mother Teresa.  In this manner, every small thing we do adds up to result in a big impact. 

The first way: Reduce our meat intake 
We can all reduce our meat intake.  Do you know why? The meat industry accounts for approximately 14% of all greenhouse gas emissions.  (That’s about equal to the greenhouse gases from the transportation sector - cars, trucks, ships, trains, and planes, all together.)  Many experts advise eating meat just once a week. If you can't reduce your meat consumption, you can reduce greenhouse gases by switching to lean meat instead of red meat.  And there are additional benefits because red meat animals eat one billion tonnes of grain. With all that grain we could feed approximately 3.5 billion humans.

Neel Dalela (4B) and Daniel D’Andrea (Sustainability Teacher)