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Summer school: Teaching a language through stories and movement

What will English Camp with Jess look like? “Teaching a language through stories and movement is something I love doing. That way, you create a more meaningful context for learning. And when you’re invested in the story and it’s hands on, you are way more likely to remember it. I would like to help provide that context, for example by having different themes each day, like a mystery day, a performance day, a nature day, a poetry day, a science day. It’s a great way to learn a language. I throw in English concepts throughout, and we use everything we have. For example, we can explore adjectives by using our senses and through storytelling and some hands-on experiences. My past students have loved it. You see a lot of progress. It’s a safe environment for them to practice, they don’t feel pressured or embarrassed at all. I make sure I am creating this welcoming environment for all learners. Everyone is there to learn something and they might take away something different from the experience.”

Who would benefit from coming to your English camp?
“Anyone wanting to strengthen their English in a fun environment. There are so many different ways to learn a language. And so many people who are interested in practicing different types of English.”