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Second sustainability tip from fourth-grader Neel Dalela

We all use plastic even when we try not to. Plastic is something we can’t get rid of; it is literally a part of us. When we want to cool off, we go to the nearest convenience store to buy some soda, and chug it all down! The plastic bottle which we drank from, can be reused but many people don’t. 75% of the world’s landfills is plastic.

On 16 March 2019, a whale washed ashore in the Philippines. Its cause of death was the 40 kilograms of plastic bags in its stomach. Is this really ethical? We are killing animals for our own convenience and we don’t even notice.

We should reuse plastic bags and bottles over-and-over again until they get worn out. A company in Norwich, UK, asks shops and cafes to refill water bottles of customers to save their money and also help the environment.

Neel Dalela (4B) and Daniel D’Andrea (Sustainability Teacher)