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Return to campus on Monday: What are 10th graders looking most forward to?

“Although there isn’t much left of this semester, I am definitely most excited to finally see many of my friends and sit together and lunch, where we can be social and not through a screen,” Nour says. “I am looking forward to seeing my friends and people who I don't usually talk to,” Jakob agrees. “During [remote learning] time I feel myself only talking to a select few people, I don't really talk to people outside of that group.”

“I am also really happy that school clubs can have their regular meetings again, where it's easier to discuss topics,” Nour adds. “Remote learning for me was an interesting experience, but some elements weren’t quite the best. I think one of the most common issues is that it's less interactive compared to being in an actual class where we can practice learning through different activities.” “Less interactivity,” Jakob agrees, “it's as if seeing other people kind of motivates you, reminds you that you have class, there are certain fun moments you don't experience.” “It just doesn’t feel like school, where you are looking forward to seeing your friends, classmates, and teachers, there isn’t that vibe,” Nour says.

“When I'm home I'm used to sleeping, eating and all sorts of other things, while in school I work, talk to friends and go to classes,” Jakob explains. “[During remote learning], there’s no clear distinction between the two and they kind of blend together.” Nour looks forward to “being able to be inside the campus that’s surrounded by water and simply enjoy the sun through the big glass windows while working.”

We cannot wait to welcome Nour, Jakob and all the other students from Grades 6 to 10 on Monday.