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PTA Helping Hands lends a hand during the COVID-19 situation

"When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit Copenhagen, our school community switched from being on campus to remote learning and meeting through google meets. While the community have been leaning on each other to keep spirits high and children amused during the physical distancing period, the PTA wanted to ensure that there was support in place for the entire family.

Helping Hands was originally created to help a Copenhagen International School family following a hospital stay, but today it has been running silently on a smaller scale as the community lends a hand when a family is in need of a little extra support. Many of our community members are in Copenhagen without extended family, an issue the PTA are very aware of, therefore we try to fill that void within our school community and help as best we can.

While we may not be together physically on campus due to Covid-19, we are still a caring community that can rely on each other. The support so many community members are willing to share; in so many different forms, from just being there, to grocery shopping for those who cannot right now is the reason Helping Hands is a valuable project."

Jennifer O´Brien Nash, PTA Chair 2019-2020