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Supplant the pandemic! 4th-grader shares how to beat the C19 blues

Neel Dalela shares what he and his classmates discovered about growing plants during the C19 lockdown:

“Fourth grade was ending a unit on the earth and its resources. We thought about a small project to nicely end the unit: to grow plants. Then came the lockdown, and everyone was asked to do this project at home. Little did we know we had created a cure for boredom, sadness, loneliness, and all of the other horrible feelings.

Growing plants during this pandemic created a big impact on my classmates. Demian from 4B said, ‘I feel that it is a good way to distract yourself from the fact you are isolated.’ Growing plants does not only distract you from the feeling of isolation, but also plants can reduce stress and depression. I realized that when I grow plants I feel hopeful that my plants will grow very high, also I have something to look forward to.

Did you know that growing and having plants keep you connected to living things? In this isolation we can’t be connected physically, so growing plants is perfect in this time. A student from 4B says, ‘I feel like having some new friends to care about.’ Conrad from 4B remarks, ‘I felt happy when my plants had started sprouting.’ Growing plants clearly gives happiness, as another student from 4B said, ‘Yes, because it makes you happy when they grow.’

‘I would definitely recommend growing plants if you are struggling with being isolated or you are just trying to spend time,' says Demian, 4B. I totally agree with him, as many more students, such as Qai from 4B: ‘Planting is fun, exciting and keeps you entertained. If you are bored then you can just go and put it in the sunlight, water it and keep it company.’

So why don’t you plant now? To do so, follow these simple steps:
1. Buy a seed planter, or use an empty egg carton
2. Buy the seeds
3. Buy soil
4. Equally put soil in each pot/ egg-holder
5. Look at the instructions at the back of the seed-packet and follow them carefully
6. Put some water regularly (but don’t drown them!) and watch it grow over the days

Don’t let this social isolation consume you! Grow plants! Be positive! Go green!”

Neel Dalela, 4th Grade, and Mr. Daniel D´Andrea, his teacher