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Julie’s English Camp: Where teens hang out and improve their skills

What normally happens in your English Camp, Julie?
“Teenagers come and hang out with each other and get to speak English together. It’s a really relaxed, fun environment, where they can experiment with using their English in a social setting, but also a bit academic without the pressure of grades. Last year, we did some fun games with identifying adjectives, articles and verbs and we did a creative writing task where they had to put a book together.”

What do you like about summer school?
“It’s nice to have them all day. Having that intensity of time together allows them to get used to it and relax into actually learning so they really start gaining.”

Do people improve in the course of a week?
“Yeah! Some kids are already at quite a high level, so the improvements you see are subtle. A lot of the improvements you see are in the kids who don’t have the skills yet or who are quite shy when they arrive. That is the obvious improvement: their comfort level. But isn’t that what this is about? You come to summer school to be safe and comfortable and to experiment so you can bring that prowess with you to your other environment where you are going to use those skills. They bring the skills and the confidence that they gain here in those couple of weeks back to their own environment.”

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