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High school athlete coping with C19 lockdown

10th-grader Rowan enjoys sports and being outdoors, so remote learning isn’t exactly his ball game.

How did you feel when the government introduced the Covid-19 ban on sports?
I felt a loss. I am on the football and basketball teams at school, so not being able to practice with my friends and participating in competitive games has been tough. Spring sports seasons were cancelled when social distancing was introduced. I do go to the park once a week with a few friends to kick the ball around. We do this more for our mental health and to catch up, but it’s nothing compared to my day-to-day life before Covid-19.

So how are you liking remote learning?
It’s ok, although it is a little harder to work in an online classroom. I miss the real-life interaction between student and teacher.
The good thing is that I get to wake up later as I don’t have to cycle to school, and longer showers definitely make me more fresh and ready for that first class. The first week of remote learning was weird. Some students were using their beds as a desk! As the weeks go by, it becomes our new normal through technology – Zoom, Google Meet — but I will admit that school environment is a lot nicer when actually on campus.
Remote learning can be a bit repetitive too. Sitting by your screen can be draining although when it comes to gaming with my friends online, the screen looks different – it’s a lot of fun.

Is that the future of learning? Do you see the world moving more towards online teaching?
My generation is used to being online a lot, it’s our norm. However, there are some students who love to socialize more than others and some students who struggle with online learning, so I hope that the future of learning is not solely online and the government continues to support education as they do today.
As for me, I hope schools as we know them are still around, having my own kids home all day might be hard. I see this from my own parents.