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The hawk hatches III: Nitya sets our sports records straight

NECIS started for CIS in Autumn of 1995 and we were the total under-dogs. We had no school culture of sports, except for three, senior school basketball teams that played in the Danish league. It was not easy finding venues to practice in. When the programme first started at CIS, the school had only just moved to Hellerup. We had two small gyms, not even a full volleyball court in size, with extremely low ceilings. In addition, but only for a short time, we had a basketball court in town at the old school grounds. We had no coaches, no uniforms, no balls, no fields and no teams: we started from nothing. So it was a super victory that we got all our teams to the tournaments in those early years.

The Hawks started with 4 soccer and 4 volleyball teams (Autumn season) and 8 basketball teams (Winter season). From the very beginning we had teams in all sections in each sport. Joining the other sports in the NECIS programme was often the result of student interest coupled with willing coaches or parents. The first entries of both track and field and swimming were because of a couple of students who had the ability and wanted to attend the tournaments. Their parents also helped with their training and personally travelled with them to the tournaments. It was hit and miss for a time but eventually we were able to offer swimming and track and field as a fully integrated part of our sports programme.

Over time our teams improved, the victories were small to start with but grew over time, winning our first sets or games, getting in the top four, making the finals and yes, even winning gold. Toni says, “I am competitive by nature and I cannot deny the feeling of pride I felt when our JV soccer boys came home with the first ever gold for CIS in 2003. Having said that, and I know this is going to sound corny, I still feel one of the greatest victories at the end of any tournament is to come away as the best sporting team.”

We are proud to say that approximately 45 sports teams participate in various international and local competitions throughout the school year.

By Nitya Khandelwal, Middle School student reporter

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