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Grade 5 online exhibition gets rave reviews: “Fantastic”

C19 meant that this year's grade 5 exhibition had to be done via Google Meet. We asked parents and family members their thoughts on the exhibition.

One proud mother, Lucia, was impressed with how well the children adapted to change. “It was a glimpse into the future, it was very funny to see my son having Google meets with other kids, sending documents and having conference calls. He was like an adult working in a corporate environment. This whole experience has had a maturing effect on my son and it has been very positive. It was a great success and I was very impressed with the quality of the exhibition and the children’s work considering the circumstances. I thank all the teachers and mentors for making it a success for the children.”

Other parents were also full of praise. “I loved it, I am proud of all the children and the quality of the work was great,” Jonas exclaims.

"I was extremely happy with the exhibition. The children were professional, calm and the whole virtual exhibition ran very smoothly,” Jen adds. Like many other parents, Jen finds “There was a tinge of sadness that I was not able to see other children’s work, chat to them and meet other parents in person. But it was still a fantastic exhibition and it was amazing to see how far the children had progressed.”

All in all, this was a great success.