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Grade 5 excited to share their exhibit online on May 14th

The Grade 5 exhibition is the culmination of the Primary Years Programme where students can apply all the skills that they have developed. This year is no different, just better: The exhibition is going live on May 14th, but it will be online to allow parents and many more to see the exhibit without meeting physically. Our students are excited. “Google Meet is more modern,” says Maria, “and we can share our exhibition with family in other countries”.

Some students find that the online format allows them to do more. Mathilda likes “making videos, digital pictures and not having to stick everything up on a board”. “This year is going to be the same, but better”, says Linnea of her group's exhibition. “We have worked together on this and are looking forward to sharing it with the families and our buddy class”.

The students have been working remotely with their teacher to keep them on track. They have also had remote meetings with mentors and conducted interviews. Now they are back in the school building they are still able to carry this on and respect the physical distancing.

Mathilda is excited that she can present her screen to the others in her group with the click of a button. “I can show the video that I made and get feedback from my group”. “It is really helpful to be able to work together with my group and talk with them,” Riccardo adds. “Even when we have all been in different places”.

Our students are looking forward to taking control of the screens on Thursday and live streaming what they have been working on to the families, mentors and other classes here at Copenhagen International School.