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English Camp with Anne for kids aged 8-12

What will your English Camp look like, Anne?
“I want my English camp to be a motivational and fun experience and a good way to strengthen spoken and written English. I am planning both in-class and activities beyond the classroom so students can build and use the English language in meaningful ways.”

Can you give some examples?
“Yes. We’ll be doing activities like a mystery scavenger hunt, story building, debate discussions. And we’ll have a chef’s day to help use the language contextually. I enjoy using experiential learning such as cooking which is multisensory and at the same time engages you in using vocabulary, verbs, and sentence structure. Past students have enjoyed this way of learning, and you see a lot of progress. It's a safe, stimulating environment for them to practice the language naturally and without feeling pressured. Everyone is there to learn, so I need to create a welcoming, safe and positive environment for everybody.”

Who would benefit from coming to your English camp?
“The camp design will differentiate skill levels, and the content will meet the students' individual needs. I would say that anyone wanting to strengthen their verbal and written English in a meaningful and fun environment will benefit from this camp. The great thing about a camp is that students will be immersed in the English language and practice for a whole week, and that really helps them develop their English skills in a safe and welcoming environment.”

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