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Another dimension: Tsubasa reinterprets The Great Wave off Kanagawa

“I took the Hokusai artwork because it is very popular and famous in Japan. And I like it," says 10th-grader Tsubasa. "In the original, each wave is overlapped by the one in front of it. In the Hokusai era, the perspective drawing and painting method was a new influence in Japan. You can see the distance, like the Mount Fuji and the waves. The reason I did a three-dimensional version was that I wanted to see the rest of the wave. So, I made the artworks, and in the box I made a lot of spacings to put the layers, and I tried some different spacings to find the best position. Before I made my art work, I made a replica and used acrylic paint, so I want to try a different way. Maybe you can see each colored paper has a small pattern? The reason why I chose the colored paper is that I think that is common in Japan.”
Is it origami paper?
“No, I printed it from a website. But some origami paper uses that kind of pattern. So, it also represents Japanese culture.”

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