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Andy launches his Rocket Lab at this year’s Summer School

So your camp is specific about rockets?
“That's the culmination. It’s a lot about the design process, the process of rocket launching, we’ll do a lot of testing and learn from it. Like, ‘This totally failed, the tail fell off during rocket launch’, but that’s ok, because we’ll just use this finding to change a variable and do some more testing in order to have more desired results. The content focus is on Newton's Laws of Motion, so basically any experiment that's about motion is fair game. Through the week, a big part is understanding experimentation and the components of experimentation, like looking at variables and being able to isolate and identify specific variables to help make sure you get the results you’re intending to get.”

It sounds like they're gonna learn a lot - is it going to be fun?
“Contrary to popular belief, learning actually is fun.”

Haha! Good point!
“Well, it is summer school, right? It's not about sitting at a desk and taking notes, it's very hands-on and very active, it’s about getting dirty and laughing and enjoying the process of designing rockets. One of the ideas with rockets is a lot of experimentation that can take place outside, so we can enjoy the work and the sun. We’ll put experience first. We want learning to be meaningful and purposeful and something that provokes curiosity to further the desire to know something. For me personally, experimentation has brought so much joy, that you don't see it as learning because you're so engaged in it, you're just in the moment, you’re in flow.”

Sounds great
“Thank you.”

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