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Activity Camp with Sarai

Last year’s Activity Camp was a hit with kids and parents, right?
“Absolutely! As they say, ‘a tired child is a good child.’ The kids had a full day full of fun and activity and went home happy and tired. Many of them were sad when the camp ended. The Danish families were happy, too, because their kids came home with new English words.”

What does a typical day look like?
“We have half an hour for drop-off and the kids go straight to outdoor play. Of course some of the participants are new to our community, so we spend time getting to know them and introducing them around to the others. Once they start playing, however, all shyness fades away and the fun begins. We usually have activities pre-planned, but sometimes we like to be spontaneous, especially if the kids have a strong desire to do a certain activity. This is summer camp, after all, it’s about having fun! Last year, we had one table with an activity led by teachers, like face-painting or making playdough, arts and crafts, etc., each day. The kids can rotate around the tables and do as they wish. After lunch we have group activities like sports, playground games, music, dance, group building activities, cooking, and so on.”

Is every day the same?
“We have a similar structure each day, but each day will be different depending on what activities we plan, what the weather is like, what trips we take, and so on. We also want the participants to be happy so we will have group discussions to find out what they want their days to look like.”

You sound like you're looking forward to it, Sarai?
"Yes! Summer camp was a huge part of my childhood. I have vibrant memories of long days in the never ending sun playing games, making friends, and wishing the days would never end. We want to create that same feeling for our summer camp participants: gaining meaningful friendships, having endless fun, and leaving long lasting memories for the children. To me, that is at the heart of our summer camp experience."

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