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Activity camp: “I can just play!?! I want summer school to be forever.”

“I can just play!?! I want summer school to be forever.” Last year’s Activity Camp with Andrea was a hit so we’ll do it again: “The kids were really happy, the parents too. Danish parents were excited their kids had access to English. Our own students really enjoy having this time to play and explore.”

What does a typical day look like?
“We have half an hour for drop-off and the kids go straight to outdoor play. Some of them don’t know us, but when they play, they get loose, and then we all come in and talk about the structure for that day. We’re in summer school, so they are not doing academics, but they are still learning. So I ask them and set up some different activities and analyze how they interact with the materials. Last year, we had one table with an activity led by teachers, like face-painting or making playdough, and they could rotate freely except to that table where we’d call them in groups.”

Is every day the same?
“It depends on the corona virus situation an the guidelines from the authorities. Normally, we have a field trip on Friday. And now that we have the metro, we have access to much more. But last year, on one Friday it rained, so we just went to a local playground, and the kids had a great time. I am sure we’ll have fun no matter what.”