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7th graders learn about peace, poverty, the United Nations and the peace cranes

“Today, I learned about Peace Day and how it was founded, like the origins of it and why it happened.” “I learned how peace is important in the successfulness of countries.” “I learned how a country sort of connects with itself, so there are no civil wars.” “I found out that 95% of the violence that we experience happens in our houses, schools, workplaces. I thought it was more like war and stuff.” “Yes, I thought that war was mostly the conflict, but I found out that 95% of all violence happens at home. I had no idea that that’s true.”

In this humanities class, Middle School students learned about the connection between poverty and conflict, peace on a both global and local levels, as well as the origins of the United Nations and international Peace Day. Plus a little bit about World War II, Hiroshima and the Peace Cranes. Talk about thinking big and making those connections!