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4 years old and comfortable with the new normal

During circle time we asked three Pre-Kindergarten children to tell us how school is different with the new C19 security measures. Imogen, Nikhil and Ben were happy to share their thoughts.

How is school different and what is new about school?
“We are not allowed to touch our friends and we have to stay a meter apart,” says Imogen. “Two meters apart,” one of her friends gently corrects her. “And in the morning, we go to the gym and we wait there till our teacher takes us to the classroom. “

Is there anything different about lessons and in the class?
“We watch our music teacher on the screen now,” Nikhil says. “We have lunch and snack time on tables and there are no more snack helpers,” Ben adds. “So now we get our snacks quicker.” “Before we used to sit on the carpet and have our snacks,” Nikhil remembers.

How are morning meetings different?
“The pods have moved,” Nikhil exclaims, “we do not sit on the carpet anymore. We sit on the tape on the floor. “

How do you feel about being back at school?
“I like it because I can read books and play with my friends,” Ben answers, “but it is always nice to go home.” Nikhil is happy that he can draw, play with his friends and read books.

Pre-Kindergarten teacher Paula is amazed: “Within three days, they went from completely confused to absolutely confident in the new routines. It shows not only their resilience and adaptability, but it is also a testament to all the hard work the teacher and staff representatives did during the break and we all have been doing since we came back.”