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Art Camp: “The cleaners will probably hate me”

“At the summer school Art Camp, I can let them run freely and be creative. I do a demonstration and let them take it this way or that way and use their imagination. I want them to get messy. I’ll let them be flicking paint. We’ll do some plaster work as well. The cleaners will probably hate me.”

Age 8 to 12, that’s quite a range – how will that work?
“Yes, there is such a difference between what they can achieve and also their engagement. When they are younger, they can only work on one thing for short bursts. I’ll have some stations set up so if they get frustrated they can move on and try something else and come back to it later.”

What works really well in your experience?
“There is a science-based art experiment the children really like where you draw lilies in three layers, put them together, fold them up and when you pop them in water, the lilies open. Pop art is also great for all age groups, they love it. They relate to it and they like the colors. When you show them artists that use those techniques, it really inspires them. All age levels within primary love building things. I have never come across a child who hasn’t been really engaged when we built something Picasso-inspired, like cubism, they are just cutting and gluing away. Clay is another great medium.”