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Student article: Advice from scholarship student Sevinch

“My name is Sevinch. I am from central Asia, from Kyrgyzstan, but I grew up in Denmark. I have attained a normal Danish school, till middle school where I changed to a bilingual school, in order to pursue English at a more proficient level. Outside of my studies I like to be creative. I like to paint, bring my visionary and expressive ideas together on a canvas. Additionally, I enjoy playing chess with friends and family.

I wanted to attain CIS because of the IB Diploma program, I like how it is academically demanding and facilitates an international student like me to reach the greatest depths of knowledge. The teachers and lecturers at CIS are all highly regarded and experienced in their subject area. Additionally, I like the diverse culture and ethnicity in this studious environment.

As the final step in the scholarship process, I talked about Revolt against Oppression in the interview. I focused on our moral identity - can we be manipulated to behave in ways we do not see as moral by outside influences? I used Geoge Orwell’s novel Animal Farm and the Russian political system to be articulate about the topic.

When thinking back to the application process, I would say that I did enjoy it. Although the examination was a bit stressful, it gave me the opportunity to display my abilities in these core subjects. The scholarship coordinators were also very friendly, so the interview part did not feel like an interrogation but more a conversation about my interests.

The examination tests for your abilities in Maths and English, and it mainly reflects what is normally learned in school at that age. If you want to improve your weaknesses in these two subjects, I recommend you revise your school's curriculum.”

A big thank you to Sevinch for writing this article. Read more about our scholarships and make sure to apply by January 18th.