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Finally, our Swedish manifesto is here! Thanks to a Swedish High School student who wishes to remain anonymous. With 49 of our students speaking Swedish, Swedish is our 6th most spoken language, so we’re excited.

Do Danes and Swedes understand each other? The quick answer is: It depends. Danes old enough to remember having only one Danish flow TV channel probably also remember watching either Swedish or German TV, depending on where in Denmark they live. So if you lived in the eastern part of Denmark and watched a lot of Swedish TV, chances are that you’ll be reasonably good at understanding and perhaps even speaking Swedish.

The difference in pronunciation is significant and a number of words are different, but most Danes and Swedes can read texts in the other language, plus Norwegian. (Whereas Finnish is a completely separate language.) How can you tell the difference between the two languages if you speak neither Swedish nor Danish? Here’s the trick: Swedish uses ö and ä, whereas Danish uses ø and æ. That’s why the bridge connecting the two countries is called, respectively, öresundsbron and øresundsbroen. And the dear passengers on the öresundståg or øresundstog are, respectively, “kära passagerare” and “kære passagerer”.

Here’s a big thank you to our anonymous Swedish translator and a photo of the Swedish manifesto with the Öresund as a picturesque background.

You can see all the translations of our manifesto we have so far.

Is your language missing? We’d be thrilled to hear from you and excited if you want to help us with our Mother Language project.