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Scholarship student Shashwat wants “to aspire big and do something good”

“I'm very passionate about science,” says scholarship student Shashwat. “That's one of the things that led me to apply. In the future, I'd like to go into engineering where I can try to make more sustainable planes. That's what I want to do: tackle climate change and global warming. I want to aspire big and do something good for the world. And CIS’s slogan is ‘Educating champions of a just and sustainable world’ and that attracted me.”

“There's also the Charity Club that I'm taking part in this year. I have several other hobbies, too. I've been playing the guitar for six years now, both electric and acoustic. I also like to code a bit. And I'm doing MUN to practice my public speaking abilities.”

Any tips for other applicants?
“Try to look at news affairs because being connected to the world is one thing they look at. If you're connected to the world, you have a strong ability to see what can be done better and what the problems we face today are. Is there anything we can do? Having some kind of solution base and being that kind of person can help.”

“In the math exam, I would recommend that you display your approach and not just the answer, because even if the answer is wrong, your approach is what counts most. They look at how you approach the task and not only your academic achievements. It’s about showing your desire to achieve something. They want to know if you're up for the task and if you want to embrace the challenge and not fear for it.”

“I recommend for the interview that you are enthusiastic and passionate when you speak. Try to be yourself. Don't be fearful and nervous, although it's understandable. They're looking for confidence and audacity. Try to be confident. Stress is not going to help in any way. As long as you try your best, you show resilience and perseverance.”

What did you talk about at the scholarship interview?
“I talked about a competition that I attended by the New York Academy of Sciences. It was about covid-19 and how to combat it. I led a group of people worldwide and we made a website. So I talked about the leadership struggles I had, but also the things I really enjoyed, the things I was challenged by, but also the things that made me proud and what I found was an achievement. I talked about my struggles and my thought process and the whole process and how I felt and how it helped me build my leadership skills.”

Wow! It sounds awesome! I can understand why you got a scholarship.

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