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Scholarship student Liv wants to be “a lawyer, a gynecologist or a research scientist for polycystic ovary syndrome”

“I lived in Denmark until I was 3, and then I went to French school in Benin, and then to an American international school in Mali. Because of the civil war in Mali, we moved back to Denmark and I came to CIS. I was here until 6th grade, and then I went to a Danish school.”

Oh, so you knew our school already! What made you want to come back to us?
“The IB diploma is recognised at a pretty high level, and it was just a good school.”

How did your application process go?
“It was a pretty panicked affair because I procrastinated writing the essay: If I wrote the essay and submitted the essay that meant I could get rejected and I'm not a super big fan of that,” Liv jokes. “So that was pretty last minute. I feel like I'm a very bad scholarship student: The essay was last minute and I didn't study for the test, so when I got the scholarship email I legit thought it was a mistake, like a statistical error of some kind. For the math portion of the scholarship test, I looked at the first question, and it was a bit hard, so I thought, ‘They always do this; they psyche you out with the first question,’ so I skipped it, and the second question was also a bit hard, so I skipped it, and then there were no more questions left.”

Haha. So your advice for other applicants is to procrastinate and panic?
“Panic is a good motivator,” Liv jokes, but then she gets serious: “Do what you're passionate about. When I finally wrote the essay it was about academic things I like. For the presentation, I talked about the internet’s influence on linguistic developments which I was very interested in at the time, and for the interview I had kept up with the news, so when they asked questions pertaining to that, I would have something that I could talk about.”

That sounds like good advice. Do you have any plans for the future, for after the diploma?
“No idea. I know I want to help women, so a lawyer or a gynecologist or a research scientist for polycystic ovary syndrome. Or working in finance because we need more leftist economists. I think the most direct thing I could do to help women is to work in HR. But maybe that's a bit boring?”

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