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What do Jesus Christ, the George Floyd trial and a poem have in common?

“Theory of Knowledge is all about different types of knowledge,” High Schooler Petra explains. “For our assessments, we were given a whole list of prompts and we just took the one that spoke to us the most.”

Which one did you pick?
“‘How do we judge when evidence is adequate?’ How can we judge that what we know is enough? We then had to choose three objects. And the main thing was figuring out which objects to use, because it was quite vague. What classifies as an object? Is Jesus Christ an object?”

Did you choose Jesus Christ?
“Yes. And the George Floyd trial and a poem.”

That sounds intriguing!
“In the Gerorge Floyd trial, there were two different types of evidence, direct and circumstantial evidence. But which evidence? And why do you believe that evidence? The defense was saying that the officer didn’t really have anything to do with George Floyd’s death, and it was George Floyd who contributed to his own death because he took drugs. It was clear that it was the officer that killed him but because of that type of evidence, it became blurry.”

How does that tie in with Theory of Knowledge?
“It’s about who has enough evidence and when is that adequate. From the legal point of view, it’s the law, the jury, the judge, and for religion, who can say what you believe is right or not. That’s why I also chose Jesus Christ, because Christianity is a religion, it’s based on stories. When do we ever REALLY know? How much evidence do we need? Who has the right to judge?”

“And the same goes for poetry. Does it matter what the artist’s intent was? Does that contribute to how we view what they created? If you look at an art piece and there is a dove, and you think it’s beautiful and it symbolizes love, but in reality, it symbolizes hope, does that matter? Does what the artist was trying to convey or not matter?”

It sounds very complex.
“It was mind-boggling! But I also thought it was very interesting to see how one question can interlink with so many different areas.”