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7th graders creating a trailer for ‘La perezosa impaciente’

“We read this story called ‘La perezosa impaciente’ and it's about Mia who is a sloth - in Spanish that's perezosa - and an anteater called Orlando and they go on an adventure together in Colombia. We’re trying to make a trailer of it as if it were a movie.”

What happens in the story?
“They find a goat and an armadillo, who are the bad guys. The goat and the armadillo bring them to their ranch where they collect exotic animals, so the whole story is about them trying to run away.”

Are you using any quotes from the novel in your trailer?
“Yes,” Leo leafs through the book and finds the right page. “This quote kind of explains something about what kind of person Mia is. She is a very curious sloth and she wants to visit Colombia and do stuff but she can't because she can't leave her tree because her mum doesn't want her to and this quote says ‘Sí, porque soy una perezosa curiosa.’”

You sound like you really speak Spanish?
“This is semester four.”

Thanks for explaining what you are doing.
“You are welcome.”