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What do our 5th-graders know about folk music?

“Joan Baez!” “Weren’t they all about peace?” “Most of these artists had seen something and were trying to express a message, like they WANT something. Like back then, there weren't civil rights for Black people.” Primary School Music Teacher Arden gets many excellent answers when she asks her 5th-graders about folk music.

You’ve been learning about folk music?
“We’ve been learning about the beats and where it came from and the artists and everything,” Ana explains. “It’s very much like country music, using simple instruments, but more complex words,” Kilian adds. “A big folk music singer was Bob Dylan. He promoted it in the 60s.” “We’ve been singing songs, and now we are practising to write notes to start composing.”

Did you like it?
“I like learning about the notes,” Ana says. “Me too,” Kilian finds. “I like learning about the notes and playing on the recorder.”