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Scholarship student Medha picked us for our high score and central location

“My mum is from India and my dad is from Bangladesh, and I lived in Bangladesh for the first four years of my life and then my family and I moved to Denmark. I went to Danish public school until 5th grade and switched to Institut Sankt Josef because of the bilingual curriculum. I want to pursue my university education abroad, so I thought an IB here at CIS would be really good.”

“I looked at some of the IB scores and this school’s score was higher than the average score in the world, so that definitely reflects the teaching here, which is something I value a lot. I also really like the central location of the school. Other IB schools might be a bit outside of Copenhagen, so I thought this was really suitable for me and the environment I am used to.”

Have we lived up to your expectations?
“Yes! I really like the school, and people are very friendly. The teachers and the academic aspects are also great, so everything's going well.”

What was your application process like? Do you have any tips for other applicants?
“It was very new to me because I've never applied to anything like this before, but I would recommend you to try to calm yourself down. In the interview you want to appear confident, and they are very friendly people so there's really nothing you should be worrying about. Personally, I was a bit nervous about it all, but then I got into it and it was super normal and very friendly and casual, so there's really not much to worry about in that aspect. I would also say that as an applicant you really have to think about something that you enjoy, a passion of yours, because if you talk about something that you enjoy you are most confident and unique, and that's something the Admissions Team likes to see. I talked about my passion for violin and music.”

Are you taking any classes after school?
“Yes, I do take music.”

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