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Support Team Peru: “Right now, it’s about survival.”

“Unlike the situation here in Denmark, the COVID situation in Peru is still very serious,” our School Nurse Charlotte explains. “They still have quite a high ratio of people who are infected and the rollout of the vaccine is going extremely slowly. In the rural areas where the poor people live, less than 3% have received a vaccination. And the work possibilities are also very difficult because most of them are single mums. We've opened our daycare again for a limited amount of hours to allow them to try to find work but it's very difficult. Our physiotherapist is open only for a limited amount of hours as well, because there is massive cleaning down between each patient. We’re still giving life boxes with food and other necessities like diapers.”

So it looks like we have to prioritize?
“Yes. Right now, it's about survival.”

If I were to donate 200 kroner, how much would that help?
“That will help a single mum and her two children for a week with absolutely basic needs like rice, beans, oil, diapers, masks and hand sanitizer. There won't be fresh meat and vegetables for 200 kroner, but they can survive.”

So it's basically a survival pack. And if I were to donate 500 kroner, what would that get them?
“That will also give them fresh food and help them pay for medicine. A lot of the disabled children need medication which is costly compared to what everything else costs. It's very expensive for them.”

How many families are we in touch with?
“35. No 34: There is one family with disabled twins.”

You said most of them are single moms?
“Yes. Often the father has abandoned them because of the disabled child. They call them ‘children of the devil’. The parents leave because they don't understand why they have been cursed or punished with a child that isn't like everybody else. That leaves these children in a very difficult situation.”

Please help the disabled children and their families in Peru.