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“It might sound like we’re just talking gibberish in their language,” our only Hungarian speaker thinks

“Hungarian is a very separate language. It sounds like some other eastern European languages like Polish, but Hungarians can’t understand other Eastern Europeans and they can’t understand Hungarian, even though it sounds like they’re related. The language melody sounds really similar, but there are very few shared words. To other Eastern Europeans it might sound like we’re just talking gibberish in their language. It's so personal to Hungarians and kind of cryptic how it remains in this familiar sphere. Whenever I meet Hungarians, I get super excited. And you kind of have to be fully Hungarian to speak Hungarian, because the chances of you actually speaking the language if you’re not Hungarian is actually quite low because it's so difficult to learn. It's on a bunch of lists of the most difficult languages. It's not THE most difficult language; it's usually around 4th or 6th place.”

Wow! What makes it so difficult?
“The range of the vocabulary. There are just so many words. I'm not really sure about grammar because I didn't learn Hungarian grammar, I learnt it from my parents, but there are so many exceptions and the structure of sentences is very peculiar: You can say things in weird orders and it still makes sense. The pronunciation is insane. And the alphabet has a letter that is composed of 3 characters and hardly ever used.”

“What else can I say about the language? It's the language that has the most words for describing movement.There are so many ways to say ‘walk’ or ‘run’. I'm pretty sure there are about 30 different ways. So that’s kind of a fun fact.”

We arrive at the entrance of Copenhagen International School, to the place where all the translations of our manifesto are displayed. Jazmin is amazed.
“There are so many!”

Yes, there are 20 translations so far. And now with Hungarian, we’ll have 21 translations.
“That's so cool. And then eventually this space is all going to be filled up?”

Yes, but we have plenty of space, and there is always room for another language.
“That's awesome! I love that.”