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“It looks like a scary banana eating.” Why our Kindergarteners do self-portraits monthly

“What we're gonna do here is draw a picture of ourselves,” says Kindergarten Teacher Shannon. “You can use your photo to help you draw and you can also look in the mirror to see what you look like. So you're trying to just draw a picture of yourself, just your body.”

Have you been practising self-portraits before?
“Yes, at the beginning of the year, on the first day of school they did them. We’re going to do a self-portrait each month to see how they see themselves throughout the year, and also to see how their fine motor skills grow.”

“I kind of look weird, you know,” says Noah, pointing to his mouth in the drawing. “It looks like a scary banana eating.” “I think it's because you're drawing your teeth, too. That’s OK, we all have teeth.”

The kids are busy drawing and talking. “I'm drawing my body.” “You have done your hair, I need to draw my hair, too.” “I'm making my nose.” “This is me; I look like this.” “I'm all done!” “Me too!”

“Now you're going to outline the body with black,” Shannon instructs them. “You don't color with black, because we’ll use watercolor later.”

“I am all done!” says Zoey, but Aathira doesn’t think so, “No, you have to do the black!” “I'm missing this part over here.”

“You look so beautiful,” one girl compliments another’s drawing. “That's because I'm focusing,” her classmate explains. “Do you practice drawing?” “Yes, but I don't have drawing lessons.”

What's that on the shirt?
“Flowers,” says Asha, striking up a conversation: “I'm from Australia. There's someone in first grade who is from Australia as well. I keep forgetting his name, though.” “I'm from India,” Aathira says. “I'm from Indonesia,” Noah informs us. “I am from Denmark,” Zoey says. “My dad is from America, he is the only one from America in my family.”

Can we get a photo of all of you holding your drawings? That would be nice.
Oh yes, we could. In the photo, you can see Zoey, Aathira, Noah and Asha. Noah made sure to show his teeth in the photo, too.