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Art scholarship student Dina’s tips: “Try to stand out”

“For every kind of scholarship, you have to submit a personal statement, like why you’d like to join the school and why you think you’re a good fit, but for the art scholarship and sustainability scholarships, you also have to prepare a portfolio. I submitted some works that I drew, and because I do drama, I was trying to link those ideas to literature and to music and I guess it worked out well.”

Do you have any tips for other applicants?
“With art scholarships, you should definitely try to stand out. When I was in the interview, I related art with society and myself and the world and how it affects everyone, and I think maybe I created an interesting discussion.
But even if you don’t get the scholarship, I think it’s a really good learning experience. It’s a really big process when you apply, but I can actually use that portfolio for university or job applications, although I obviously have to edit it depending on what I am using it for. I think the interview is also a really good process because you prepare yourself, you get practice in speaking and in general, so I think that’s really good. It’s definitely worth it.”

You’re originally from Russia, but you sound like you’ve been speaking English for a long time.
“I’ve been in international schools since right after kindergarten. I was about 6 or 7 when we came to Denmark. I’ve been wanting to apply for a scholarship since Grade 8, and then I got a good opportunity at CIS and I took it and I am really happy with it.”

You’ve only been here for a month, so maybe it’s a bit early to ask you how you like it here?
“I definitely like the school and the students and the teachers. I am not taking art classes, but I have joined some clubs, so I have a lot of projects outside of school. But at school, I want to mainly focus on the sciences and the academic subjects.”

Why is that?
“I really want to study biotechnology and hopefully keep drama and art as a nice hobby because it’s definitely something I really enjoy but I just can’t see myself doing it full time. I think the reason why I enjoy it so much is because it’s very different from academic work.”

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