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Please help us reforest Inner Mongolia

“CIS has sponsored two 1000-tree forests so far,” explains Mr. D., a Primary School Teacher whose passion for sustainability has earned him the nickname Mr. Green among many of our students. “I would like to do a minimum of one forest a year.”

How much money do we have to raise to sponsor one forest?
“25,000 Danish kroner; it's 25 Danish kroner per tree. That's rather inexpensive when you think that you buy it from the nursery, you take it out into the middle of the desert, you plant it, you water it, and you care for it for ten years while it is maturing. Plus the trees are pruned each year and properly managed. That money pays for all of this. The Roots & Shoots Million Tree Forest is in Inner Mongolia, which is a province in northern China. It has a success rate of between 70 and 80 percent, which is very high compared to other tree-planting projects.”

So if people were to donate 250 kroner, they would plant ten trees out of which seven or eight would survive?
“Yes. It's a 10-year lifespan until the trees are on their own. And another very cool thing about this reforestation project is that within five or six years, enough foliage has fallen from the trees to provide compost to the soil around it, so that the farmers in the area not only tend the trees, but they start to intercrop vegetables in the middle of the rows of trees.”

“This Roots and Shoots project has got just about everything you'd want from an organisation that's doing healthy things for the planet. They take volunteers out each year to do the planting. Village farmers have abandoned this area because their cropland is buried under sand that has blown in from the northern deserts. In order to get it back, the volunteers dig holes, through almost a meter of sand, to get down to the soil. When you plant these trees in soil, their roots will find the underground water.”

At this point, two Primary School boys, who have spent their recess collecting litter, proudly show their full buckets to Mr. Green. “Wow! Both of you guys are real Earth Helpers!” he praises. “Thank you!”

If you want to be an Earth Helper, too, you can contribute to our next 1,000-tree forest by donating here. You can read more about Roots & Shoots founded by Dr. Jane Goodall and other projects we support here.