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10th-grader writes about transgender athletes and goes to the UN Human Rights Forum during Pride Week

“It all started when I was selected as one of the 16 winners from the ‘Ambassador for Day’ competition due to my essay about Transgender Athletes and with my sponsor, Asmeret Kidane, who is the deputy Head of Mission Consul for the Australian embassy.
Right from the start I was able to form a friendly bond with Asmeret and she even invited me to some events for World Pride & Euro Games because, if you didn’t know, Sydney will be holding the next World Pride in 2023.
During the summer holidays I was contacted by the Director of Human Rights for Copenhagen 2021 World Pride Eurogames, Aron le Fèvre. He invited me to be part of the events as a guest, and to my surprise he proposed to me to be the flower person who’d give the flowers to Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Denmark at the Human Rights Forum at UN City.

During the pride week I was able to hear different points of views that I never thought about, I heard inspiring speeches from great people, and I felt welcomed by every person I spoke to. But what stood out the most was that I also heard heartbreaking stories about the many people who still suffer just for being who they are. This is extremely crucial because it showed me how far we still have to go to becoming an accepting community for every person no matter their gender, sexuality, religion, race, nationality, and anything in between.
One thing that a speaker said was that we need to help the people that are at the back of the line instead of the ones ahead. In my opinion this was very well said as the people at the back of the line are the people that are in more risky situations.
Moreover, another thing that inspired me was the fact that it will always be impossible to have a better society if we exclude any type of groups, because by excluding a group you are creating a weight that will drag our society down. This is why the slogan of this year was #youareincluded. By including as many different people as possible we were able to learn, reflect and plan future actions that will need to be made.
On another note, I couldn’t believe how many people were so proud of me for what I wrote or just because I gave the flowers to The Crown Princess of Denmark. For example, this woman came up to me at the Human Rights Forum and she just wanted to let me know how inspiring and friendly I seemed while giving the flowers to Her Royal Highness. Another person who was very kind to me and even called me his “Italian friend” told me they were so impressed by the fact that I was already making changes at 14 years old.

It’s funny to think how all this started because one night I sat down on the table and started writing. I could have chosen any other topic, but I didn’t, because none of them spoke to me as much as this one. Which is why I want to tell everyone that you should take any opportunity that seems interesting to you. Not only that, but you should also be true to yourself and follow your passions. If I didn’t take this chance I would have never been able to learn the things I did, I would have never met the people I talked to, and I would have never experienced any of this. I still don’t know what I want to do with my life but I will always look back at this and be thankful for everything.”

This story was written by 10th grader Alice Meregalli. In the photo taken by Philip Davali, you can see Alice, Crown Princess Mary, Flemming Møller Mortensen, who is the Minister of Development Cooperation and Minister for Nordic Coorperation Denmark, and Dr. Natalia Kanem, who is the UN Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).