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45-out-of-45-point graduate Tom believes he has “become more aware and appreciative of just how big the world is”

Congratulations on your truly amazing achievement, Tom! Where were you when you found out you had received 45 points?
"Holidaying in Spain with my family, unwinding after two years of the DP. I had just come back from the beach when I saw the notification."

How did it feel?
"It was very satisfying to know that the hard work paid off, but also a little surreal to see the whole of the last two years of school, all the learning and all the experiences, translated into just one number."

What are your plans for the future?
"I'm taking a gap year to travel and get some work experience, and am really looking forward to going back home to Aus for a summer Christmas. After that I plan on studying politics and economics somewhere in Europe."

Have you changed during your time here at Copenhagen International School?
"I'd like to think I've become more aware and appreciative of just how big the world is, and of my place in it."

In the photo, you can see Tom and our Director, Sandy Mackenzie, congratulating him at this year's graduation ceremony.