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Educhiamo difensori: The first person plural imperative in Italian

Does Italian have gerunds? How did you translate “Educating champions” and “Learning to build community”?
“In Italian, the gerund is used a lot less than in English. Maybe it’s a cultural thing? If you put the ‘we’ in, it makes it more familiar, it makes it sound more like a community. ‘Educhiamo difensori’.”

Imparando a costruire una comunità. Is that a gerund?
“Maybe we should be consistent here. It’s better to put -iamo, it's better to write ‘Impariamo a costruire una comunità’. ‘Let’s learn to build community’. It’s better because there’s also this sense of ‘together we can do it’.

Is this a present tense or a conditional?
“It’s more than that, it’s almost like an imperative, ‘let’s’. So we go from a gerund into something we are actually going to do. So, it’s an imperative, but in a nice way, not like ‘You must do this’, but instead ‘let’s do this together’. It’s an incentive, it makes you do something, it makes you move.”

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